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Monday, May 08, 2006


Mission accomplished, we got hammered and blacked out. Twice. Ask me about my drinking problem later, mmmkay? I prefer to just blame circumstances, and lowered inhibitions when you are surrounded by peers who are also all struggling to keep their eyes open. The next-day recap of the events of the evening has become my favorite small town holiday tradition. Sunglasses are a hot accessory at the local greasy-spoon breakfasts. Wake up and find the car, hopefully in one piece. Smile sheepishly when people you don't know ask you knowingly "how are you feeling today?"

I love to hate myself.

The wedding was amazing, and funny. Ringbearers throwing tantrums, a well timed freudian slip by the groom, bridesmaids with matching flasks, fake hillbilly teeth and a enormous glass wedding ring... you get the picture. The bride looked amazing, as brides should. The groom was sufficiently nervous. I danced my party-girl ass off. Can't complain, really... best wedding ever.

Mike flies out again in only a few short hours and I'm already wondering if I could ever feel more love for a person than I do for him right now. His timing, as always, is impeccable. His frequent absences put me in a constant state of googly-honeymoon-eyes.


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