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Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Worn out.

I'm so tired, and yet somehow I find myself working late and socializing and waking up early, every night. Tonight is roommate Chris's birthday. I got him the male birth control pill which is a little metal red and white capsule that holds a condom.

Today during lunch Mike called me and invited me to Seattle this weekend. I am unfortunately conflicted, as I had made plans previously to go back to my folks' for a second time to hang out with mum for mothers day. Obviously I'd rather not go back home as I was just there, and since Mike will be out in Alaska for 2 weeks after that I would really love to go. But mothers day! And my amazing mom who would be disappointed and wants me to work on all these community projects which are becoming far too tardy. I hate decisions, maybe I will try the decision machine again.

Last night I went out with the Loaurens, and misplaced my ID twice. I was so mad at myself, I have been so distracted lately. I am pretty sure its the allergies, I am constantly having to clear my throat and I just feel awful. Also I need to get my butt in to the dentist, there is something sharp on my tooth that is diggin in my cheek. I let my boss know that even though I'm kind of a flake right now I'm really working on improving, so hopefully the nasal spray kicks in or I'm going to murder myself for being such a hopeless waste of skin. The house is a mess and all I can do is run around the city and try to never go home. I'm so irritable that I hate on the roommates just for existing, as they never really make anything too messy but they all contribute to the filth, and the filth is harder to point out and make anyone help with.

Today at work I spent far too long trying to make javascript work. I should have just turned over the page to the javascript kid and let him do it, but it always seemed like the answer was just about to appear.

I agreed to pick up the cake, so I guess I'm off to do that. Pity, its ice-cream cake, so I don't even get to eat it.



At 7:02 PM, Anonymous Durt Palsey Fredfuckersin said...

I have ice cream you can eat, sharp toof.

Furrends keep each other not so messy.

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