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Friday, August 25, 2006

Moped moped? Seattle : Blood Drive 4

Time for a Seattle Blood Drive 4 update. Bourbon Bandits saved me with a half gallon of whiskey. That night, I woke up in a hammock, freezing cold. Met a few awesome moped chicks, Tiffany, Ann, and Arianna. Girls with mopeds are so damn adorable, I'm not even counting myself.

It was fuckin fun and I bonded with my Cuddle Puddle homeboys, who i heart more than ever.

Mike was the ambulance, and picked up all the poor little moped girls and boys that broke down. He was quite a hit after he decided to stop being a crybaby and let himself have a good time.

I can't wait until SF, the Creatures of the Loin rally.


Motron is running fast, and i've been jetting to try to get it performing properly. It's not the easiest thing I've ever done. Mike comes home tomorrow so we can start breaking it in with fun rides instead of just errands and trips to and from work.


At 8:01 AM, Blogger hungry hungry model said...

Moped is really cool, now, but not 12 years ago.

in italy the legal age for driving a 49cc vehicle is 14, so at that age my parents gave me this.
It belonged to my grandfather, he bought 2 boxer one red (that went to my mother) and another one green (went to my aunt).
GREAT!, i found that: shitty, old, rusty, slow. All i wanted was one of these, and i got it (one year later) but for an year i rode my old Piaggio Boxer.
This summer i "stumbled" across this blog from your sg profile, i saw the picures of your moped, and i decided that my old boxer need to live again, so before spring (07) comes i'll have to be ready to ride again.
The picture of my moped army profile was taken in mid september, this is the starting picture of its before/after treatment, so... here it is the journey begins...

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