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Saturday, May 20, 2006


Ugh, I earned it. After years of not knowing who or where or why my friends are, I finally have satisfaction with my social scene. Good friends whom I see just often enough. Good conversations with people who actually interest me. I've stopped struggling and started enjoying it. I can hardly remember feeling dissatisfied about the whole thing, and that was not very long ago at all.

I'm up late tonight, packing for my weekend trip to my hometown, you know. That one I was supposed to be on this weekend. Well, I think it will be a good trip. I have changed the oil and fixed up the Blazer so I feel ready for it.

Mike is coming home for 7 precious days and leaving again for the Caribbean. I'm tired of being sad about my sweet boy leaving all the time, I am slowly getting over it. Yet I don't want to be over it.... I want to be miserable and sad every time he goes away. I want to feel the effects of the absense of his presence.

However, shopping working and socializing really do take the mind off of such things. My life is too perfect to be hindered all that much. Just imagine, when I have an x-box. I will never be sad or bored again.


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