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Friday, June 30, 2006

Mmmmm. Boyfriend.

I have been really accident prone today. I dropped my helmet, burned my leg on the exhaust, hit my knee, etc. I also looked like a doofus when I saw a dude on a bike wave at me, so I waved back. Turns out he was signaling a rigt turn. Eh, whatever. ;)

My stupid boyfriend gets back tomorrow, and as usual I am ecstatic. Yum that boy is so delicious it hurts to look at him. The fact that i like his soul is just an added bonus. I won't bore you with more stories about how absolutely divine my life is right now, I think three posts about happiness is too much. :)

I bought a basket for the moped, so now its less of a hassle to make short trips as I don't have to bind everything down with bungee cords, just toss things in the basket. I am starting to get annoyed with helmet hair though, my bangs stick straight up most of the day.

My boss called me this morning to thank me for taking care of his email spam projects while he is away, as I sent two out yesterday on my holiday (yes I've been off since Wed.) and they went off without a hitch. I thought it was awful considerate of him to be appreciative like that. I like working for Paul.

Time to clean house. Or, take a nap. hmmmm.

A Penis

I just can't stop loving my life. I wonder if I have some kind of problem, sometimes. The happiness just keeps coming and coming, and I have this giant shit-eating grin on my face half of the day, just because I can. I love what I've done with myself. Everything I do is to make myself happy, in the most basic of ways. I have become the person I wanted to be, at this age, and I'm keeping up with my expectations every day.

I can remember when I wasn't so happy, but I can't really figure out what the difference truly is.


Monday, June 26, 2006

Prince Not-So-Charming

I have the best weekdays ever, and then I'm tired. I tell myself, oh, thank god it's Friday. At least I can sleep in this weekend and catch up, and take naps. Instead, I have the best weekend ever and get hardly any sleep at all, and on Monday morning I can hardly drag myself out of bed. It's been like this several weeks running, but I don't know what I want to give up.

Screw it, I'm happy.

This weekend I went to the river with a couple kids that looked like normal tattooed skate boys but acted like meatheads that watch too much "Jackass" and "Viva la Bam". The above kid, Christopher, is not one of those. Christopher is a good one. But honestly, one kid actually had a tattoo of flaming, flying tits on his leg. He said it was his "golden slipper" and that the girl with tits like those was the girl he was going to marry. When I asked, "what if you're not her type?" he replied that he'd roofie her and knock her up, and they'd live happily ever after.

I was really disappointed in where this was going until I realized that if he could see the tits, then chances are she would've already gone farther than I could ever see myself going with this guy, who generally seems like a close-minded mysogynist circus carnie- all white trash and angry. I thought, maybe that's how these people find true romance. If you lower your standards to the point where any woman will do as long as her ta-tas can be compared to a tattooed charicature of a body part, purple and swollen and oddly misshapen, well... You never know, do you. As Loren then pointed out, maybe we shouldn't try to make sense of love.

So, whatever. I'm happy. The redheaded prince is happy in his quest to find the perfect perky purple pillows. Live and let live.

Sunday, June 18, 2006

Sachs Westlake

See my pretty little moped. Jealous? I think you are.

New things on the to-do list:
Make him street legal... title, registration, insurance.
Buy a helmet and riding gloves.
Buy a banana style seat.
Buy 2 stroke oil, a gas can and a mixing cup.

The Portland division of MopedArmy hooked me up. Yay!

Sunday, June 11, 2006


I lost my keys last night. Gah, what a nightmare...

Saturday, June 10, 2006

I love my job

I love love love working.

Today I had to wake up to a client wanting an immediate and temporary change to their website, so I had to drive to my office downtown to help them out. I didn't find out until too late that there was a fucking Rose Festival going on exactly in between my office and my house, on the route that I need to use to get there. I almost ran out of gas while waiting in traffic.

So I get there, make the 20 second change to the site and walk out 3 minutes later to brave the traffic on the way back home.

So not worth it. Even with the hour of travel time my boss is letting me charge.

I finally got my SG check, so I'm no longer going to be just in and out of the hole. I already racked up $75 dollars in overdraft charges, after depositing a $700 check in, while waiting for it to clear on a weekend. Fucking aye. But now I'm rolling.

I'm obsessed with finding myself the perfect moped. I have money now and I want one of these cutie things! Why can't they be easier to find? I'm ready to geek out completely, sling a backpack full of programming books over my shoulder and ride my moped to my office in Sellwood. That, to me, equals happiness.

Sunday, June 04, 2006


Asian stir fry at Kalga cafe. Spicy? "Medium" Spicy... holy shit my mouth is on fire and I can't even listen to dinner conversation without interrupting to bitch about my watering eyes and nose. No fair.

Saturday, June 03, 2006

Dead-eye dick

Its very disorienting to be woken up in the morning by someone who usually sleeps beside you, but hasn't been to bed yet.

I think it sucks. But then, my days of staying up all night are long over.